The Palmbrella

Steel City Palms is proud to share its latest innovation. With just one look, you will know why we called this product the Palmbrella. 

Standing at nine feet tall, this unique, hand-crafted creation boasts a wingspan of nearly 13 feet. Each of its six custom-designed leaves are lashed with premium Sunbrella covering, and accented by nickle-plated grommets. With a wide variety of colours available, the designs and combinations are endless. 

​​​Design and Construction

All Steel City Palms stainless steel palm trees are constructed of high-quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel and are assembled using a combination of MIG welding and TIG welding.

The palm tree has three major components consisting of the base, the trunk, and the fronds, all of which easily fasten together. At nearly 100 pounds, the base provides a solid foundation, whether it is displayed free-standing or anchored to the ground for permanent positioning.

The tree’s unique assembly allows it to be positioned in various locations. When displayed in an open area the fronds are able to be spread out evenly, creating a full 360-degree view. When placed in a corner, the fronds can easily be adjusted to accommodate areas with limited space.

With the use of advanced precision water jet cutting for the larger components, the rest of the ornamental stainless steel palm tree is hand shaped and entirely hand assembled. The trunk, trunk rings and fronds give each palm their own unique look, ensuring no two will be the same. The sleek design also allows the wind to blow through with limited resistance.


All standard Steel City Palms stainless steel palm trees have an approximate weight of 165 pounds. Each palm tree will vary slightly due to the fact that they are hand crafted and assembled.


A standard Steel City Palm tree has an approximate height of ten feet from the base to the highest frond. Contact us to inquire about customizing a palm that's perfect for you.


The uses of a Steel City Palm tree are endless. Placed indoors or outdoors, beside the pool or in front of your house or business, add a custom table, add a shower to rinse off pool water,  the palm tree can be themed for any event or occasion and can easily become practical. 

Who Would Want a Steel City Palm?

The wide range of possibilities make a Steel City Palm an asset for any personal residence or commercial business. The tree’s unique appearance will be welcome anywhere; inside hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, patios, and businesses. But there’s no better place than your own home and backyard.

With the included remote-controlled colour-changing LED light, the palm tree can set the right mood for any occasion or location.

Pricing and Shipping

We'll help you create your own oasis, whether you decide to purchase, lease or rent your Steel City Palm. For pricing and shipping inquiries, please contact us.

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